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Are you productive? Or are you just busy? ViGEO invites you to our widely acclaimed online course on holistic productivity, completed successfully by over 350 participants during this COVID-19 lockdown.

Skills Training

We are committed to enhancing your skills. In our trainings, participants are inspired to think smarter, dream bigger and perform better. Our interactive and engaging modules can help you to succeed in your career and life. School Students We offer fun-filled workshops for school students which compel them to relook at their lives and future. Academic Excellence Workshop – Explore how you can thrive and not just survive in academics. Deal with exam stress, manage time better and revise smarter.Career Planning Workshop – Take an objective look at your skills, personality and interests to help you make a roadmap for your career journey. This workshop is followed up by optional personalized career counseling. School Teachers We deliver tailor-made workshops for teachers that cater to their different needs. Potter’s Wheel – Rediscover your call as a teacher, work together as a team, connect better with your students, maintain a healthy work-life balance and upgrade your teaching skills. English Enrichment Program – Sharpen your English grammar, improve your pronunciation, and communicate better

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