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Find a career where you can thrive.

Our goal is your success. We provide personalized career counseling to help you make an informed choice about your future.

What is career counseling?

In today’s world, careers are rapidly changing. Students are often confused about the right career path they need to choose. To select a suitable career, we need to factor in the strengths, personality and interests of a student as well as the current work trends. This is where a career counselor comes in. A trained career counselor helps to gather relevant information, administer a psychometric assessment and analyse the report. Through our career counseling session, a student receives:

  • A secure environment where concerns can be freely shared
  • Unbiased and relevant information regarding a possible career path
  • Accurate information about colleges, admission procedures and backup plans
  • Counsel to overcome unhelpful patterns & career-related frustration
  • Confidence to face the hurdles of the admission process
Why choose us?

ViGEO makes use of the iDreamCareer (iDC) platform, one of India’s largest unbiased career counseling ventures working with over 2.5 million students every year. Through the iDC platform, we offer:

  • Psychometric assessment test to analyse aptitude, interest and personality.
  • 17-page unique career report which shows the top 5-7 career fitment analysis
  • One-on-one counseling session with iDC certified counselor
  • Access to online iDC Dashboard with 550+ careers, 1,100+ entrance exams, 2 lakh+ academic programs of 21,000+ colleges and 1,100+ scholarships
  • Handholding support for a year via chat
Career Guidance Options

ViGEO offers four different career guidance options in partnership with iDreamCareer.

#1. iDC dashboard access only – Rs.999

  • One year access to iDC’s career dashboard
  • No counseling sessions

#2. One session of group counseling – Rs.1499 per student

  • Psychometric assessment & report
  • One year access to the iDC’s career dashboard
  • Online group counseling of 3-5 students post assessment
  • One year support from ViGEO through iDC dashboard

#3. One session of individual counseling – Rs.2499

  • Psychometric assessment & report
  • One year access to the iDC’s career dashboard
  • One 60-minute session after assessment
  • One year support from ViGEO
  • 50% off on Maximising Your Productivity course

#4. Two sessions of individual counseling – Rs.3999

  • Psychometric assessment & report
  • One year access to the iDC’s career dashboard
  • Two 60-minute sessions before & after assessment
  • Session includes analysing student’s academic patterns and providing goal setting & time management techniques
  • One year support from ViGEO
  • 75% off on Maximising Your Productivity course
Upcoming webinars

We organise free career guidance webinars for school students from time to time. Incase you would like to organise these webinars for your school, please get in touch with us.